Hi! My name is Daniel Pyrathon and I’m from Rome. What to say about me? I’m a really passionate programmer, always looking forward to learning something new and to use my skills and passions to create great things. I have a sweet spot for the Python programming language which I use for many things: from web applications using the Django framework to scalable real-time computer vision systems.

I also try to get involved in the community as much as possible as a contributor to Open Source projects and conferences. I occasionally talk about distributed systems and web applications, and I’m a loyal EuroPython staff member.

I try to travel as much as possible and meet new inspiring people on the road. Some of them I end up doing really cool things with, others remain a great memory.

I’m really terrible at writing, so do not get offended if this blog is not updated regularly. But, as Jack Kerouac says, One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.